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Ariana Grande Twitter Headers! Credit to me on twitter. @SweetArianaBows if you see anyone stealing, tell me right away.

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“He’s awesome! He’s so sweet! He’s just a really cool guy! He makes everyone laugh and he’s all about having a good time and just being a normal guy. I really respect that because Glee is such a popular show and he’s just kind like, ‘Hey! It’s fun, I love what I do, I’m lucky!’ So it’s really cool!” - Selena Gomez on Cory Monteith

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i need a hug.. so sad.

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"I wanted to make sure that whenever she feels lonely she can look up at the sky and no matter where I am she can know that I’m looking down on her…"

Only the good die young… we’ll miss you Cory ♡

Love this girl. can not imagine her dying… #RIPCORY

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crying bc i know that one day my idols will die….

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Fandom hug. Pass it on.


The Glee fandom really needs this right now.

There’s going to come a day when we’ve all grown up, had a career, maybe got married and had kids, when were all going about our daily routine. Maybe you’re driving to work with the car radio on, or you’re making dinner with the tv on in the lounge. Life as usual, and then we hear a name. It’s the name of the person you had a blog dedicated to when you were 16. The person you had posters of up on your bedroom wall, or as your desktop background. The person off that show you used to watch every week, as soon as it came out, or that band you used to love. The person from the cast of a movie that changed your life, or the character who you scrolled through page after page of fanfiction of. You haven’t heard that name in a long time, and it brings everything back. And then the name is followed by three words you thought you’d never hear. Has Passed Away. And then you put down the potato peeler and lean back against your kitchen bench, or you pull over to the side of the road, and tears are streaming down your face. And all over the world, there are people who used to be just like you, with tears marking their cheeks and sobs forcing their way out of their throat, because they remember. Because fandoms never really die out. We never really move on. We never really forget.